The Porta Medika Organisation  

offers recruitment and mediation of medical staff at all levels and for all healthcare players

This means for the employer

Recruiting and qualification of medical staff for clinics, hospitals, nursery homes and any other medical or nursing facility. We find MD´s and all medical staff for overall or high specific tasks in all areas of medicine and health care – especially fitting our clients needs and the wishes of our great medical staff coming from all over the world to Germany and into the other EU countries. We guarantee to take care of all legal requirements as well as your individual needs and skills as best as possible. 

And it means for the Employee

There is much more to take care of than just a good salary which is a must of course. We will check your papers carefully, provide the best solutions for your education level and take care of all legal requirements from language courses, to acknowledgement of your papers to your visa and airplane flight. Beside that your integration into the new culture and taking good care of your wellbeing is our major concern. Even living abroad for some years we want you to feel at home and not miss your home country and culture too much. 

Such we organize our incoming friends and staff members in small groups with the same cultural backgrounds and look for you to have good contacts to your family and friends in your home country including visiting them during your yearly granted  and paid holiday. We know that happy people enjoying their work are the best employees to have and do a great job day by day. Such feel very welcome here and stay as long as you like, there is an immense need and you are most welcome into Germany and the EU. From first contact until the end of your stay our team will accompany and support you. As we have contracts with our service partners, for you as an employee our service is of course totally free of charge.

We are here for you – whenever you need us – so you can just focus on your work and the new culture to live in.