About Us

The Porta Medika AG offers products and services to improve health and quality of life for all its areas of business. Porta Medika Organisation builds a specialized part of Porta Medika with the focus on recruitment and mediation of medical staff for all players in the healthcare industry.  We are a Germany based company with regional representatives on the ground working internationally.

The team has twenty-five plus years of experience in medicine and health care services as well as in research and digital medicine. Our philosophy is to offer the best all-in-one service for both our clients worldwide. We have found that in many areas improvement and progression can just be realized by pathfinding new ways for the future and take care of the well being of all partners included in a process.

We are focusing on sustainable and fair concepts only. 

Our vision of Porta Medika Organisation started years ago with the idea to bring together the very best of medicine and health, wellness and beauty, education, quality of life from around the world, with the goal to easily find new innovative best practice methods in everything and for everyone. 


The Porta Medika Team Germany