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Welcome to the Porta Medika Agent System

Welcome to our Porta Medika - agent system. Here you can learn how to become a representative for Porta Medika in your region. The Porta Medika Shop is a platform for best products at best prices. You will be part of a team that will help customers to get to know Porta Medika and its benefits and you will help them find the products they need and assist them with registration and other options like payment and shipping. Every customer you acquire will be added to your group payment and every member will benefit, even in future purchases.



The vision of the Porta Medika Shop is simple:
To enable everyone to buy quality products for affordable prices and to enhance living quality for everyone.

We want to become the best platform worldwide!

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Agent System

The Porta Medika agent system is a system that everyone profits from. You as an agent sell products to customers within a team structure through the Porta Medika shop and you and your team get a commission for it. We as a shop profit through your newfound customers. You and your team get immediately an affiliate percentage on everything bought by your found customer. Of course you are always there for your customers to assist them with everything. As an agent you can have different roles, these roles have influence of your area of responsibilities aswell as the amount of your commission within your team.

Team Structure

As a member of the agent system you can become one of the following:

Group Leader

  • Provision 3%
  • training and strategy
  • overall management
  • key account customers


  • Provision 1.5%
  • direct support to the leader
  • direct support to the representatives
  • customers care and service


  • Provision 1%
  • active in the market
  • finding new clients and new opportunities
agent hierachy

Your Responsibilities

As an Agent of Porta Medika you are looking for new customers

  • You will be assisting them during purchases
  • Answer questions concerning products
  • You will guide them through the process of their first purchase and when needed through other purchases

Group Leader

As a group leader your responsibility lies in the coordination of your team members. You will help them achieve their goals and train them to be more successful. You will find new ways for the whole team in how to improve and you will work with key account customers like big companies and wholesalers.


As an assistant your main role lies with the support of the group leader. You will support representatives with customers when they struggle.


A representative is the foundation of every successful sales group. You will find new clients and new opportunities to help customers in finding the right products.

Examples of Earnings

Example 1

If your team achieves a total turnover of 10,000 $
then the group leader gets 3% = 300 $
then both assistants each get 1.5 % = 150 $
All representatives each get 1% = 100 $

Example 2

If your team achieves a total turnover of 100,000 $
then the group leader gets 3% = 3,000 $
then both assistants each get 1.5 % = 1,500 $
All representatives each get 1% = 1,000 $

tablet with % of provisions


The Porta Medika agent system builds on teamwork. A team can consist of up to 7 members. The group leader, two assistants and four representatives. Every group is only as strong as each individual in it. It is important that everyone does their part within the group and this is why we have chosen to reward every member with every sale of the team!
We hope to welcome you into our Porta Medika family.

Your First Steps

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Register with your team or found a new team yourself

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Fill in your information at:

Registration Form

3. Step

Wait for our confirmation

4. Step

Get your training

5. Step

Be successful

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The founding team wishes you personally:

“The very best of luck and success to you and your team while you bring quality products at fair prices to all our great customers.”