What we do

We know that bringing together the right employer and the right employee is the secret of success especially in medicine and health care, where people work not only with their skills but with their heart. Even in a medical doctors day in a the typical western apparatus medicine there are social moments that make the difference and do play an important role in the healing process of patients or the quality of life feeling in a home for the aged people. Much is about building relationships of trust and an individual treatment and care taking. Patients and elderly people have to have the feeling to be in the very best hands. 

And for our friends coming in from different abroad countries it a must to get some level of integration into the new culture which starts with the language and some basic understanding of the differences of food, leisure time activities and even hierarchy in the job culture. Such our offer is not only finding the right employee for the right employer and doing assessment center in their home countries to carefully select and guide the right staff to the right place, but it goes far beyond this, especially after the job is started to make sure not only work goes well and satisfying for both parties but also to help the newcomers in anew life and group them with others from their home country to make sure everyone feels like he and she is taken good care of. 


Our Services at a glance:

  • Quality Recruiting: Assessment center inside home country, arranging contacts between employee and employer 
  • Working with national and international third party partners as an interface
  • Helping to find the right work place for every employee individually, no matter what medical background and skills they have. 
  • Recognition of certificates and your education level: Translation of employers documentation and education certificates 
  • Quality Training for the job: German or other European languages, training on the job etc. 
  • Legal consulting: Helping with travel formalities at embassies
  • Arranging Visa, flight, accommodations, transfer and welcoming
  • Support and accompaniment of employees from start to end 
  • Helping with Integration: All necessary transcultural training, activities and arrangements for a perfect integration to the new culture in your new chosen country of residence.  
  • Feeling home: At the same time connecting you to others from your own home country, to make you feel at home even being in a new country, still having your food, your culture and people of your language around you for a great leisure time after work and even more.  

But how does it actually work? 

Here are the 3 main steps:

Step 1: First contact

To use our service, you can easily get in touch via e-mail with us in the German headquarter at (contact@portamedika.org). A brief description of your education level and your specific skills and a CV is sufficient for us to start. We will shortly get back to you to arrange for details.

Step 2: Customized Offer

Our team will do its very best to get you a customized offer from an excellent employer fitting all your individual wishes. For this step we will need all documentations of your before education and training and study courses and your certificates translated into English if available. If your documentation should be any other language than please contact us for the best solution. We work with the best quality employers and partners available. Our offer will be the best we can find in any market of the EU. 

Step 3: Signing the work contract and start working. 

If you are happy with the offer we will do all necessary negotiations with the employer and prepare and send the contract for you to sign. Including all paperwork and depending on the target country of the Eu this will take 4 to 12 weeks. We guarantee the best working contracts possible under the countries and the EU regulations which are very much in favour of the employee including a fair working hour regulation, several weeks of well paid vacation in a year and even health insurance cover, payments to retirement funds etc. Of course our team is always here to guide and support you at any time.

Contact us any time and start a great abroad experience enjoying the benefits of a very fair employment that is steady and sure.